Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easy $20

Matt won $20 for being the first one done with his test in one of his classes! I was afraid it would affect his score but I was glad when he told me he got a 96% then I was mad again when he told me the average was 99% ha ha.  Oh well, an A is an A and I would rather be $20 richer!

Yvonne got really sick a few weeks ago.  She had a really high fever (102-103)  last Monday and was so lethargic! It was really sad. Luckily, the next day we were scheduled to see the doctor anyways for her 9 month appointment.  We went to our appointment and the doctor looked in Yvonne's mouth and diagnosed her with hand foot mouth disease.  We had a few rough days but gratefully Yvonne was back to her normal self pretty quickly.

The best news this month was that Matt was offered the internship he really wanted this summer!  We feel really blessed!  It was a long process.  Matt applied in November and he had three, hour long phone interviews through the month of February before the company made the decision.  The company is called the Studer Group and it is in Pensicola, Florida but he can work remotely so he will be working from home.  He will do some travelling during it but I am so glad to be staying in Birmingham this summer!

We are trying to go on picnics because we love being outside! We wanted to try new parks but after going to two and failing we might just stick with the parks that we know...what kind of park closes at 5 pm?! The weather has been so nice and it is getting so green here.

 This huge spider is disgusting and I didn't know how scared of spiders Matt was until this guy showed up in our bedroom...

Matt has had the last 2 weeks off of school!  I am wondering if he will even remember where his classes are.  During this long break we have both worked.  I have picked up a few more substitute teaching jobs.  When I teach the kids always know that I'm "not from around here".  hmmm. My accent gives it away?  

We did plan to go to Atlanta for a couple of days and the next few paragraphs would have consisted of a fun report of all that we saw there...but then our car broke down.  We decided to stay home and use our money to fix our car.  It has still been a nice spring break and we have been hanging out a lot with another family in our ward.  Well more like I have been hanging out with the gal and going shopping/pedicures while Matt has been hanging out with the guy and watching March Madness.  Remember that one time I went to someone's house to watch a football game?? Well I am sure glad I did because this family has been like family to us! 

Yvonne loves being outside and being tall like her dad!

We went to the ward Easter egg hunt and Yvonne was not impressed!  I thought she would really have a good time because she loves being around other kids and picking things up off of the ground. I was wrong!  I couldn't get a smile out of her all day!  She must have woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  She was in a lot better mood on Sunday and Matt said that she must just like the true meaning of Easter better than the commercial side of it!  

Happy Easter! We are so grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ and we know he lives!


  1. Did you dye your hair???!?!!?! It looks red! (You might have posted something on instaG, but internet here has been 👎👎👎...). Yvonne looks so different when she's not smiling! It's crazy! I'm sad she got sick but glad she's better :) and it's good to know that she's committed to the true meaning of holidays ;)

    1. Idk what happened in the picture! My hair is not red! It must have been weird lighting! I have not dyed my hair. But if it turns red I WILL color my hair!!

  2. Lovely pictures. Good to see the Bonners via this blog.